The challenges of Interracial Dating for a Couple

Love does not know any color or discrimination on any basis. However society, sometimes, because of its preconceptions is bound to a knee-jerk reaction if anything new happens. Something new happening in the society essentially means challenging the old order and setting pace for new, many a times, better orders within the society. Interracial dating and interracial couples were ridiculed and still are seen as outcasts in many parts of the world. We have always been taught to gel and mix with people who belong to our race and social strata. Love knows no race and social strata discrimination. Love happens because your heart goes out to someone irrespective of the challenges and obstacles you know are bound to happen in future.

Interracial dating and relationships are being accepted in many parts of the world as the new social norm still we as human beings have a long way to go in terms of accepting as just like any other relationship that is built on the face of earth.

Family acceptance in an interracial dating scene

Family acceptance in any relationship upholds utmost importance. Many relationships and marriages these days are a result of interracial dating. Emotional acceptance on the family’s part is more important than social acceptance. While dating a partner from a different race make sure you keep your parents and siblings in the loop since they are going to play a significant role in the emotional well being of you and your partner. People may show that they hardly care about the opposition from their parents while dating interracially know deep down their heart that the relationship will look empty without the consent of their parents. Do not loose respect in your family’s eyes and make every effort to have your partner accepted into the family loop.

Your partner’s ethnicity is questioned in public

Going to a social event, restaurant, shopping or even for a stroll in the nearby park together will make heads turn for interracial couples. Learn to live with it. People may even ask you “Is he/she with you?” You need to have the guts to accept and tell the person that yes you are together as a couple. Shirking away from people who do not have respect for interracial couples or have no idea of interracial dating will be disrespect to your partner. Acceptance by you in public that this is a serious relationship and not a passing fetish will not only bring out the strong character and substance you are made of. It is surely going to add up to the strength of the relationship.

People do not believe that both of you are together

Your friends, co workers and even your family may take your interracial dating stint as a passing phase of life. Be ready for it since you are not going to be taken too seriously unless you make your intentions clear. Your partner deserves respect among your people and you are the one who is going to get or earn the same for him or her. There may be instances in public where the two of you may be seen as different entities although you are a couple. The bill in the restaurant may come up split into two although you never asked for it. While going out in public with the family of your significant other you may feel out of place since you look different and someone from the public may even make you feel that you are indeed different from them.

Cultural difference in interracial dating may be a big hindrance

It is all about balancing life once you have taken the plunge. You may not be able to match your holidays since you celebrate different festivals and she celebrates different. Your coworkers and friends will try and convince you of the vast cultural difference between the two races. You are constantly hounded by lectures of how you are going to ruin your own beautiful culture and embrace something that is not really worth it.

Stay strong! You are the one who is going to change the thought process of the society. It all starts with dating but will surely set up a new order and a great example that interracial dating although laden with challenges of its own will survive through anything and will surely culminate in long term relationships and beautiful offsprings.…

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