Romantic movies for you and your interracial couple to check out!

interracial movie

With the increased rise in interracial relationships, it’s no wonder that there are also some interracial romance movies. More such couples are featured in films and on TV shows. When speaking of interracial romance on TV, I can’t help but go back to the days of “Star Trek” which apparently brought about the first interracial kiss on TV. I am trying to imagine how controversial that kiss was. Well, today, it’s like the norm to see such things.

If you are looking for a great romantic interracial film to watch, check out some to consider.

A few good interracial romantic films

Jungle fever

The thing with most interracial romance movies is that they usually highlight the struggles the couple go through in order for their relationship to gain acceptance within the family or both families. This movie is about a black lawyer who becomes romantically involved with his white secretary. When the wife finds out about the affair, she kicks him out of their home. And as expected, he meets resistance from family and friends who don’t want to accept their interracial romance.

Guess Who

interracial filmA black woman decides its time for her family to meet her fiancé. The father is excited to meet his affluent future son-in-law only to get the shock of his life that he is white. The white dude now has to do all he can to get the approval of his father-in-law.

Something New

Well, this movie is that was kinda coined to urge black women to get their swirl on. This black woman is set up on a blind date, only to call it off when he realizes that he is white. Coincidentally, she hires him to work on her garden and he starts falling for him. Her friends hook her up with a black man. Now she has to choose which man she wants to be with.

Loving, one of the greatest interracial romance movies

the loving film

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Played by Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton, the Loving film is a real-life story of Richard and Mildred Loving who made it possible for interracial relationships to be lawful in most states in America. This movie is about their life, how they were persecuted for their interracial marriage and how they fought the state of Virginia for their right to love.