How To Raise The Topic Of Moving In Together

Moving in together with someone you love most can be really exciting and it can start the new chapter of your life but moving in together brings a lot of responsibilities as well. I am happy that you made up your mind for a live-in but its essential to approach your partner in a right way and restrain yourself from shocking your partner.

Here are some of the tips to raise the topics

It’s important to be on the same page

There is some instance in life where you need to think practically instead of emotionally, I understand that you are totally in love but it’s important to calculate the compatibility between you both. Moving in together is a big decision and you will be required to have excellent communication to stay together if you think that you haven’t reached that point yet then you better wait few more month before you plan to live together.

Have a definite plan

Before you approach your partner you should be having a definite plan about why you want to move in together, and how are you going to do it.

Have a complete blueprint of how you are going to take this big decision.

Choose the right time

This is an important discussion and you can’t initiate the talk anywhere and anytime, let your partner know that you want to talk about something important and plan the best time to talk about it. Choose a place where you can have a detailed discussion without any interruption.

Financial planning

Once you initiate the discussion it’s important to decide about the expenses and how you both are going to split it. Apart from expenses, it is advisable to divide the chores as well, like who is going to be responsible for cleaning, laundry, food. Fixing the responsibility plays a vital role in maintaining the harmony within the couple.

Talk about expectations

Once making a final decision on the moving in together it’s important to clear up the expectations. What are their expectations in long run and how do they expect you to do different things once you body move-in.…

Are homosexual men and lesbian women happier today in interracial relationships than in years past?

Homosexual men and lesbian interracial relationships have been fighting for their rights to be together for years now. It has not been an easy road for them. Luckily, things are looking up for same-sex couples. Much as there had been resistance to these relationships, today, they are not looked down upon as they were years back.

The thing that always made gay interracial coupling so hard is the fact that they had to deal with two taboos. The interracial bit and the same sex bit. Today, interracial relationships are highly acceptable the world over. And the gay community is also being accepted in most states.

Are gay interracial couples happier today?

lgbtq flagI tend to believe so.

LGBTQ pride! Gay couples now have a right to get married legally in most states. They are allowed to have families, thanks to adoption and sperm banks. They are living well and interacting with people in the communities they dwell in. Who wouldn’t be happy about such a thing?

Things are better for all. Some people even find gay couples cute. The same way some might find interracial couples. So that combination of gay and interracial is quite cute, right? In fact, we can call it amazing. They have shown bravery beyond words. Fighting against two things that were once taboo.

Why homosexual males and lesbian interracial couples are happier

homosexual couple

It’s all in winning the fight. They fought for the right to love whoever they want and they won the interracial bit. Now they are winning the gay bit. Even if you meet people who look at you like you are not “normal”, you are still winning. You learn to develop some thick skin. When people give you that look, as a couple, you tend to get a kick out of it.

There is beauty in diversity. And most people are getting it. Their rights are considered. That is why more people are coming out of the closet. That alone is enough proof that gay male and  lesbian interracial

One thing I am grateful for is that most people’s mindset is changing. And if it isn’t, they care less. And that is the America we want!




Raising biracial children in the modern world is easier than its ever been

Most parents of biracial children usually wonder how it will be like, raising their children. How do you ensure that your child gets the best of both worlds? How do you make sure that your child is confident about his mixed identity?

To be honest, these are things that really worried me when I and my white husband got pregnant. And my biggest worry was whether my child would fit in with peers of both races.

Now, this was all because of the stories I used to hear growing up. Especially about hoe biracial kids were being treated by others. Some were being told they weren’t black enough. Or weren’t Asian enough. Plus we have heard stories of biracial kids who people went to schools that were predominantly of one race.

Luckily things have really changed today. For several reasons, it has become much easier for interracial couples to raise their mixed children.

Reasons why raising biracial children is easier today!

1. There has been a huge rise in interracial relationships over the years. And because of this, people are becoming more accepting of interracial couples. There are more interracial marriages, hence the number of mixed race babies are being born and raised today. So people don’t really see them as strange as they used to before.

mixed race individuals2. That said, there is a shift of attitudes of millennials as opposed to those of the baby boomer generation. Now, this is largely due to the diversity that exists in schools and universities. So for them, it’s normal that they would be in school with mixed kids.

3. The inclusion of the mixed category in the census has also helped a lot dealing with the identity crisis that most mixed-race individuals used to have. Before, they used to be asked to choose one race. These days at least mixed race is now a thing. So choose a school which embraces diversity.

4. The internet has got a lot of information and tips on how to raise biracial children. So, whenever in doubt you will always find something that will assist you.

In order to succeed, as parents, you need to allow your kids to talk about skin color. Explain to them about their identity and teach them how to embrace both or all cultures of who they are. But most importantly, let them make their own decisions and choices. Let them identify with what’s comfortable for them.…