3 Tricks on How to Safely Meet Your Online Date Offline

Meeting up is probably one of the magics of online dating – convergence outside the virtual world. Let’s face it, while we can sometimes go on the web to find people to chat and flirt with; we’re after real-life relationships.

Going on an actual date isn’t as risk-free as it is online. This part is make-or-break of the potential relationship. Here are some things to remember when going out with your online friend.

1. Go Literally Out


While you may want to get up-close and personal with your date, you may also want to stay safe. Talk in a place where there’s enough crowd and do away with isolated areas. At this stage of your relationship, it’s too early to become highly intimate. Worst comes to worst; you’ll be more secure outside when your date starts going nasty as there are people around.

2. Too Early to Go Home


All right. It happens. You go out with someone, and after a few hours of intimate conversation, you feel your hormones working. While finding your partner is the goal, you may have to think multiple times before giving in. Unless you’re looking for one-night stands, you shouldn’t end up your date on either of your homes or condos. Keep calm.

3. Inform Others


Okay, I won’t go overboard by telling you to inform your friends and family about your date. What you can do instead is to write a note indicating some details – the when, where, what, who. Keep it posted on your fridge’s door. If anything bad happens, God forbid, others will have a lead where to find you.

I didn’t write this feature to scare you and brush the excitement away. Instead, I’m aiming to set your expectations that while we’re looking for love, it’s always best to keep calm and stay safe.