The pros and cons of travel with your partner

Traveling with a partner can be the most romantic and intimidating experience at the same time.

Traveling with the partner means you are going to be with them 24*7 and it’s an experience that will make or break your relation.

Planning a long journey with a partner can quite difficult in a newly developed relationship, but you can opt to travel together if you are serious about improving the chemistry, built intimacy and trust.  

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of traveling with a partner.

Let’s start with Con’s


Not everything is going to be according to plan, you will be experiencing a lot of instances when you will be required to do compromises. Expect the difference in choosing different routes, schedules, meals, and other choices, which makes the traveling experience with the significant other quite difficult.

travel with partner

Lack of personal space

Traveling together is going to vanish your requirement of personal space, you will be required to either adapt to the situation or it will have a negative impact on the relation. You will travel together, staying together, eating together, etc, this might sound extremely romantic but in reality, it’s quite difficult to have almost no personal space.

Financial management

Traveling together required a high level of financial management, the difference in choices may bring sourness in relation.


Some people love solo travel to meet new people, understand a new culture and marinate themselves in a new environment, traveling with the significant other will lower your chances of maintaining a connection with the local people.

Pro’s of travel with a partner


Traveling with the significant other make you feel a lot safer. A travel companion assures the safety in case of emergency situation. You know that there is some who will take care of in case of an accident, there is someone who can bring help, there is someone that will help you deal with people (like locals, police, border officials, etc)

travel with partner

Better finance:

Traveling in a couple required a lot less money, you will able to split the hotel bills, shipping, meal and camping expenses.

Stronger bond:

Traveling with the partner is not as easy as it sounds, but a long travel trip can do wonders in improving the chemistry and strengthening of mutual bond.  

Making the most of Christmas with your interracial love match

Christmas is one of the most beautiful time of year and there is a lot more to celebrate Christmas if you are in love with an interracial partner. To make the season truly magical let’s discuss some tips to make the most out of this holiday season.

Split the day

Can’t decide how to spend the holidays? Most of the people are confused about scheduling to get the best of season. Split your days into two or three parts, one part may include some rest time, the second part may be dedicated for the shopping and third part can be dedicated to the hangout with loved ones.

Honor traditions

A most special thing about interracial love is the difference in the traditions. Christmas month is the best time to understand and marinate yourself in each other’s tradition.

christmas love

Fill this season with memories

Christmas in incomplete without gifts, fill this season with a lot of memories by preparing the gifts for family and loved ones.  

Bring in the aroma pot

If you have never used the aroma pot at home, give it a try this Christmas.

The soothing aroma of orange, cinnamon, apple cider, and cloves will set your Christmas mood.

Go on a vacation

Planning a couple vacation is always a great idea for the interracial couples, you can spend some quality time together away from everyone. Hawaii and Las Vagas can be a great vacation choice for an interracial couple.

Go caroling.

No worries if you can’t hold a tune, singing caroling is going to fill you with joy and will take you back in time. If you are not in a mood to sing them then you can also opt for playing them on your Bluetooth speakers.

Be proactive about knowing about family

Most of the time we are so busy in our work life that we barely get time to know each other family.

Christmas is the best time to know about the partner’s family, and plan a hangout trips with their family members to strengthen the bond. Being proactive about getting to know about the family members will also help in understanding the tradition in a better way.

If you’ve already met the family and are comfortable with them, then reaching out to them to plan a weekend together is a great way to add memories to this Christmas.

Romantic movies for you and your interracial couple to check out!

With the increased rise in interracial relationships, it’s no wonder that there are also some interracial romance movies. More such couples are featured in films and on TV shows. When speaking of interracial romance on TV, I can’t help but go back to the days of “Star Trek” which apparently brought about the first interracial kiss on TV. I am trying to imagine how controversial that kiss was. Well, today, it’s like the norm to see such things.

If you are looking for a great romantic interracial film to watch, check out some to consider.

A few good interracial romantic films

Jungle fever

The thing with most interracial romance movies is that they usually highlight the struggles the couple go through in order for their relationship to gain acceptance within the family or both families. This movie is about a black lawyer who becomes romantically involved with his white secretary. When the wife finds out about the affair, she kicks him out of their home. And as expected, he meets resistance from family and friends who don’t want to accept their interracial romance.

Guess Who

interracial filmA black woman decides its time for her family to meet her fiancé. The father is excited to meet his affluent future son-in-law only to get the shock of his life that he is white. The white dude now has to do all he can to get the approval of his father-in-law.

Something New

Well, this movie is that was kinda coined to urge black women to get their swirl on. This black woman is set up on a blind date, only to call it off when he realizes that he is white. Coincidentally, she hires him to work on her garden and he starts falling for him. Her friends hook her up with a black man. Now she has to choose which man she wants to be with.

Loving, one of the greatest interracial romance movies

the loving film

Photo credit: taniavolobueva /

Played by Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton, the Loving film is a real-life story of Richard and Mildred Loving who made it possible for interracial relationships to be lawful in most states in America. This movie is about their life, how they were persecuted for their interracial marriage and how they fought the state of Virginia for their right to love.…