Things you might be doing wrong in your relationship

Relationships are a beautiful bond people share. Seeing two people in a relationship gives you hope that something pure can exist. But reality strikes when these beautiful bonds crumble and things go wrong. We all have been there when something goes wrong and even before we can act, relationships break. But the problem is we never realize what really went wrong.

These are the things you might doing wrong ion your relationship:

1. Being judgmental

If you try to act just like all the other people out there about your partner and their choices, you cannot be special to them. While you could always give suggestions, being judgmental is mean.

2. Trying to change them

The person you are with is the person you really like. If you try to change them thinking it is going to bring some good, just beware you might lose the person you liked in the process.

3. Emotional abuse

Remember your partner genuinely loves you and trying to manipulate their emotions to get what you want is you taking advantage of them.

4. Skipping important arguments

If you think avoiding an argument is going to calm things down, then you are completely wrong. It is just going to build more anger in your partner and establish an idea about your lack of involvement. Sometimes it is important to discuss.

5. Telling Lies

While I don’t find a point in why a beautiful relationship would require one to lie, trust is the most basic block of any relationship. You let it slip and your relationship is doomed to drown.

6. Acting Single

Yes, of course, it is hard to get into a relationship after you had been single for a while. You get used to being independent, flirting, and going out with your friends to have some fun. But now that you’re in a relationship with another person, your active single person needs to hit the road. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, can’t go out with your friends, and just, in general, go out. This just means that your intentions need to go through a shift in character. If you are choosing to be in a monogamous relationship, you need to treat it as one. Your significant other expects it from you, and you would expect the same type of treatment towards yourself. It is important to remember that although you are newly committed to another person, and it should be exciting rather than a chore to start this new relationship.

7. You Let Jealousy Overpower

It is natural to feel a bit of jealousy while we are in our relationships, especially if it is new. But it is important to not let jealousy become a primary feeling you have throughout the entire duration of your time together. It becomes toxic, and your significant other will start to become annoyed with the constant jealousy that you start imposing. It is important to not compare yourself to others because that is one of the main reasons why jealousy starts to come about. Comparing yourself to other girls or even to other relationships will become a major and constant source of stress and annoyance while you are together, for you will always be looking and seeking something better than what you already have. Your worries will start to become a place of normalcy for you, and any future relationship you may have will have the same dramas over and over again.

8. You’re Not Honest with Yourself

When you’re in love, sometimes you feel like you’re in a dream. Everything seems perfect and you can’t imagine your life without that special someone. But sometimes when you step back and look at your relationship from a different perspective, your view of it starts to change. Sometimes your family and friends may think differently, and it’s important to take into their considerations. After all, they’re the ones who know you the most. What if your family, who knows you the best, doesn’t think the relationship is healthy? Where you live and the distance between you two is another thing to think about. Are you committed enough to be in a long distance relationship? Is he talking to other people? These are questions that are valuable to think about, it is important not to just ignore them. You have, to be honest with yourself and not let your dream-like state take control.

9. Spying

We have all had those sessions when we start dating someone new where we “stalk” all of their social media profiles just to find out more about them. But, if this continues throughout your entire relationship, it is time to stop. You are supposed to trust the person you are with. If there is no trust then how can you continue on in your relationship? If you start looking through his profiles seeking some sort of drama, then it really isn’t worth the trouble. This can turn into you sneaking into his phone and reading his text messages, which is something that should be off-limits and is an invasion of privacy. If you are concerned if your significant other is doing something or talking to somebody behind your back, the best way is to communicate and ask them if they are or not. It isn’t worth the drama and issues to constantly be looking for something worth picking a fight at.

10. You Care Too Much About Looks

We all do feel more confident when we feel that we are looking our best, but it is essential to allow yourself to not be or seem perfect all the time when you are in a relationship. Your significant other will want to see the authentic you, and would rather be silly, comfortable, and non-judgmental while you are together. It becomes exhausting when you are constantly trying to look like the best version of yourself, constantly fixing your makeup, hair, and how you are looking. If you are constantly stressed about how you are going to be seen or what people are going to think, it is crucial to start seeing and admiring the person who you are inside more. The external version of you is only external, and it will be harder and harder to open up to someone if you are constantly insecure about who you are. Be you and don’t be afraid to be you!

Take time to think and make yourself realize if what you are doing can make your relationship good or make it worst.