A few things you didn’t know about a Biracial Relationship

Biracial Relationships

No one can escape falling in love. A biracial relationship is a result of love between two individuals who come together shunning the barriers of race and ethnicity.  If you don’t find love, Love will find you. We are a go getter generation and don’t let love happen to us.

Today we go on online dating websites look out for compatible individuals. Ask them out for a physical date away from the online dating scenario, fall in love and unfold a new life for our self.

Getting into a biracial relationship via an online dating website is quite exciting. Biracial relationships open up an entirely new world for both the partners. Life becomes an everyday party and there are varied experiences almost every day.

Support network from two races in biracial relationships

Lisa and her husband Tang were working as top shot executives for a financial institution. They had found each other on an online dating website and decided to get married. Enjoying the bliss of a biracial relationship they were not able to comprehend that the financial institution they were working for was in shambles and suddenly one day it closed shop. Being the top executives of a top financial firm Lisa and Tang were shocked.

Meanwhile Tang’s cousins back in China from where Tang came to California in search of a new life were looking out for someone who could take care of their business interests in California. Tang’s cousins based in China and had a language and geographical barrier. Tang and Lisa are today managing partners and co founders of three organisations that facilitate Chinese operations within USA. Their earnings have skyrocketed and their company has surpassed the earnings of the company they were working for previously.

Had it not been Tang’s cousins in China, Lisa and Tang would have been forced to take up menial jobs compared to the work they were enjoying as investment bankers. I have seen a lot of success stories among biracial couples. A biracial couple enjoys support network from two different races, sometimes from two different countries.

Whenever two people enter into a relationship they bring in a strong support network they have nurtured over the years. This support network may sometimes seem a hurdle when you start dating but eventually over time it turns into an asset that you can rely upon in your bad times.

A new perspective to religion and culture

Being in a biracial relationship means you respect your partner’s religion and culture. You get a first hand experience and even a chance to practice it. Jack being a devout catholic started fasting for Fathima while she helped him to comprehend and learn the religion which of course changed Jack’s views of a her religion that he knew nothing till now. The fasting of course brought Jack’s health level from being obese to just a few fats here and there which further motivated him to get back in shape and take up the job of a life guard at one of the finest beaches in Miami. Jack and Fathima dated for 3 years and have been married for the past 4 years with a kid who has an IQ level of more than 125.

Yes kids from biracial relationships get the diversity from both the races, and get quite features from both parents and both races which makes them more strong mentally, physically and emotionally as compared to kids from same race parents.

Biracial Babies are taller and have a tendency to think Quick

biracial relationships

Research has proven that genetic diversity affects height in a big way. If one of the partners in a biracial relationship is tall chances are that the kids are going to be tall with improved cognitive abilities and a quick thinking brain. Mixed race individuals have been known to posses more IQ and emotional stability.